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Hourly Blitz 56m 29
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 18
Hourly Bullet 26m 32
Daily Bullet 1h 0
Byrne 7+2 Rated 2h 12
Naiditsch 0+1 KotH Rated 40m 12
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  1. A crazy game. ChessInstinct I didn't actually calculate all of it, it was 99% intuition. I accept …
  2. A crazy game. qkxwsm Nice tactical find!
  3. Lichess Mobile app team - AMAZ… Little_Bobby_Tables Nice, thanks thibault, for this and for everything else you do.
  4. Lichess Mobile app team - AMAZ… ChessInstinct I checked it too. TOTALLY the most AWESOME chess app EVER! Thanks LIC…
  5. Lichess Mobile app team - AMAZ… thibault the iOS store is always lagging behind by one or two weeks. We'll publ…
  6. Lichess Mobile app team - AMAZ… Little_Bobby_Tables Has there been an iOS update? I don't see one on my iPhone.
  7. Lichess Mobile app team - AMAZ… Unihedron Just checked after seeing this... wow, the app is a lot more better th…
  8. Lichess Mobile app team - AMAZ… thibault Thanks thetasquared, I transmitted to veloce :)
  9. Lichess Mobile app team - AMAZ… thetasquared Can't believe I get to be the first to post about this. I saw an updat…
  10. A crazy game. Chesstroll_Ingot This is very nice. I've got that after noticing the bishop on b7.
  11. [feature request] resigning an… u-check-m8 I would like to see a "recently finished games" tab or maybe keep fini…
  12. [feature request] resigning an… pmaxuw I noticed, I didn't notice an opponent resigned a correspondence game.…
  13. A crazy game. ChessInstinct This game was played in a simul. The simul was led by Spyro2. I was pa…
  14. ratings for correspondence gam… achja Lichess decided a few months ago that Lichess cannot detect cheaters w…
  15. Tomorrow first time tournament JoseO Make sure that you get enough sleep the night before. It will be very …
  16. Tomorrow first time tournament GM01 How did it go?
  17. ai ratings Little_Bobby_Tables Don't get me wrong though, I'd be really interested in seeing the diff…
  18. ai ratings Little_Bobby_Tables I would imagine giving them real ratings would probably, because of th…
  19. Simul announcement disappear a… ChessInstinct I'm the one doing the simul and i didn't know how to express my questi…
  20. Simul announcement disappear a… Chesstroll_Ingot After creating simul it's shown on the main page. But after some time …
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