मुफ्त ऑनलाइन शतरंज का खेल| शतरंज को एक साफ अंतराफलक(interface) में खेलें| न कोई पंजीकरण, न कोई प्रचार और न ही कोई plugin की जरूरत है| शतरंज कम्प्युटर, दोस्तों या क्रमरहित(random) प्रतिद्वंदियों के साथ खेलें|
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jeremyRutman 1500


Eggplant 2137
Nrock 1905
Argonn3007 1828
Chrisostomou 1825
madagaskira 1818
Angelpas 1813
Deeplose 1766
And 21 more


hashem38 1500
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auto-pairing pools
अधिक » Khuli pratigoyitayei
 Hourly Bullet 30m  0
 Hourly Blitz 50m  27
 Phillips  7+2 3+ Rated 2h  1/8
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  2. Why no points changed in a rated game? Dragon_Bishop Having a look at your profil, it seems you use a chess programm !!
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  6. A bug needs to be fixed! Tylik ok.. you can see that in the game but here we go: at 1 sec I accepted […]
  7. A bug needs to be fixed! Clarkey How about you tell us what the bug is? Ain't here to play hide and seek, yo.
  8. A bug needs to be fixed! Tylik http://en.lichess.org/WoN9zQRLKgd0 I posted a thread about this bug […]
  9. Radio a chess game coolpant A interesting idea! I rather like it. It'd surely help with learning the squares
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  15. Sound changed? steger Does anybody know why the sound is much louder on firefox than on chrome?
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  19. The alphabet of chess jkr Sir, you have my sincere admiration for your work.
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