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IM penguingim1 2966 33
IM opperwezen 2901 46
NM blitzbullet 2646 24
LM JannLee 2844 11
IM penguingim1 2752 14
IM penguingim1 2626 1
orangespace 2458 111
AntichessUser 2568 46
LM onubense 2813 10
Nonpareil 2809 27
rzenaikrzys 2262 62
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  4. Tournament chart glitched armakin That tournament chart won't show up anymore, which means I can't choos…
  5. Don't know what to do at this … chessanalyst Don't blunder pieces. Its one thing to play the best move every move. …
  6. Don't know what to do at this … CM Sarg0n Let me tell you a secret, I know many players who know everything but …
  7. Don't know what to do at this … Drawish_Giri And just to illustrate what I've said, this is a game you've just play…
  8. Don't know what to do at this … Drawish_Giri I took a look at 3 of your last games and I know what your problem is…
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  12. Better chess Kingz94 Everything except LM is a title you have to apply for via fide, uscf e…
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  15. FM simul - Tuesday LazarColic I'm also interested
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  18. simul enfor450 come on, everyone!
  19. Move bug Potshot It is a legal move, called en passant.
  20. Move bug HomelessKnight ...
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